About This Site

This site was developed by PREVnet in partnership with Primus.

The content for this site was developed by Dr. Jennifer Shapka, who is a professor at the University of British Columbia, and who is a research partner with PREVnet.

To develop the content for this site, as part of her Developmental Change and Technology (DCTech) Lab, Dr. Shapka and her graduate students first vetted existing cyberbullying websites to identify what existed and where the gaps were. Once it was determined that a parenting resource was needed, they conducted a national survey through PREVnet to find out exactly what parents were concerned about. Based on this, the site’s content was developed. As a final step, after the site was built, Dr. Shapka held focus groups with parents in Vancouver and Halifax to further ensure that this site meets the needs of its target audience.

The web design and development was done by Primus as part of their commitment to healthy and supported Internet use.